ExorteX AS provides software integration products for dynamic energy cost management of your industrial or commercial energy system.

We are in an energy transition. We need to reduce our dependency on the traditional and focus on the future.

But there are challenges:

  • Energy price fluctuations – energy is expensive when we need it and its getting worse
  • Renewable energy fluctuations – generation is not synchronised with demand
  • Energy demand fluctuations – existing infrastructure cannot meet increasing demand

If we rise to the challenge, use the resources and infrastructure we have to best effect, reduce our energy consumption and think smart, we can achieve:

  • Infrastructure optimisation – by exploiting the capacity we have before building new
  • Increased operational efficiency – remove the human element and monitor status
  • Predictable energy costs – buy when its cheap and sell when its expensive

ExorteX fully scalable, standardised solution decides where energy is sourced from and how it is used in real time to intelligently manage energy costs.

ExorteX can assist you in determining the best solution for your energy needs. We can integrate system elements to provide a global overview of your assets such as; grid connections, renewables sources, energy storage systems and electrical machines or facilities, to reduce operational expenditure.

We can assist in avoiding peak power demands, peak energy prices, and achieving the best value for local generation. The aim is to utilise existing local infrastructure to best effect to reduce development and installation costs.

To provide the latest technology solutions and innovations ExorteX have partnered with leading  solution providers in electrical systems, control and automation, and hardware to ensure a quality product.

The company comprises decades of experience within control and automation, electrical distribution and risk management.